Toilet Paper Blower (super Easy)


Introduction: Toilet Paper Blower (super Easy)

   This is a super easy project that you can make in about 5 minutes. Its a fun tool that you can prank your friends with and has many different possibilities. To see the finished product in action click the first video link below.


All you will need is...

-2 rolls of toilet paper

-Leaf blower (I used a shop vacuum)

-Duct tape

-A paint roller

Step 1

  Tape the paint rollers handle to the end of the leaf blowers nozzle. Make sure the leaf blower is pointed at the bottom half of the paint rollers spinning part and not directly at it or the toilet paper wont spin.

Step 2

   Next step you want to place the two toilet paper rolls on the paint roller. Place the toilet paper rolls so they are dispensing the paper under instead of over. If not done right the toilet paper rolls will just spin and not do anything.

Step 3

   The last step is to turn the leaf blower on and have fun!


   You can watch the other video I made demonstrating what this thing can do.



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    Because TPing a house is usually done at night ... to enhance the element of surprise for the victim, how can this be made to be quieter?

    1 reply

    You could always try to motorize the roller using a DVD player motor (just a thought).