Toilet Paper Roll Flash Drive "The Flush Drive"





Introduction: Toilet Paper Roll Flash Drive "The Flush Drive"

Oh noes! I'm out of toilet paper! But...instead of throwing the empty roll away, why not reuse it?

Step 1: Get Supplies

For this instructable, you will need:
1-Empty Toilet Paper Roll (Referred to as TP Roll in this)
1-USB Flash Drive (A Dell 128MB is used here)
1-Hot Glue Gun (with hot glue of course)
1-Paper Plate
1-Pen, Pencil or writing utensil
1-Extra Box

Step 2: Trace, Cut, Tape

Put the end of the TP roll face down on the plate and trace it twice. Cut them out and tape ONLY THE BOTTOM ON. We will get to the top later.

Step 3: Stuff

Take the rest of the paper plate that you didn't use and rip it up. That's right, rip it up into tiny pieces(not too tiny though). Stuff the bits down into the hole. Make sure they fit really good and tight so they hold up the USB connector when you plug it in.

Step 4: Now for the Top

Take the other paper circle and cut a hole exactly the size of your USB connector and poke it through. Fire up that hot glue gun and secure the drive in place. Tape it on the TP roll.

Step 5: Optional-Make It Look Better

This step is optional, but makes it look a whole lot better. Take another normal cardboard box and rip a slightly large piece off it. It's better if the box is one layered, because that's what we're aiming for. If it's thick, just tear the layers apart. Tape the cardboard to the paper plate parts.

Step 6: Test and Enjoy

Plug it in and see if it works. But why wouldn't it unless you have a faulty flash drive? I have found out it won't fit in most USB ports without clogging the other ones, so I use a USB extension cable.



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    you should replace the last 2 pictures with actual screenshots (cmd+shift+4)

    3 replies

    cmd (command) basically is the keyboard key on a Mac that functions like the control button for windows computers

    oh yeah, i've done that. i don't know why i didn't here...


    Great idea Carson. (assuming because of "Carson's I-Mac" icon in your picture.
    I only have a 16 GB Flash drive though, and I use it at school, so I can't really use this design there or they'd think it was a bomb.


    I would like to link to your instructable toilet paper tube flash drive in an upcoming post on my website

    I'm collecting a series of toilet paper tube projects, and yours just made me laugh! Do you actually use your drive? Anyways, would that be alright with you? How would you like to be credited?

    Please respond to esther.gregory at
    *smiles* Esther


    Your bad, that's not a paper plate.

    1 reply

    Well, thats what I call it. :P

    Eugh,isallthere is to say..

    Haha I just realized you made that instructable too. Awesome.