Toilet Roll Dispenser





Introduction: Toilet Roll Dispenser

Portable toilet roll dispenser for the workshop, kitchen, camping or anywhere

Step 1: Step 1- Cutting the Bottle

Locate a 2 liter Coke bottle with a flared base.

From the top of the bottle measure roughly 230mm and cut.

From the base measure roughly 60mm and cut.

The middle section can be recycled.

Placed the two ends together to form a smaller size Coke bottle.

Step 2: Step 2 - Coring the Roll

Grab a toilet roll, Pull out the cardboard center.

Pull out some of the toilet paper

Step 3: Step 3 - Assembly

Insert the toilet roll into the Coke bottle.

As you need the toilet paper, just pull it out the bottle neck and tear it off.

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When I backpack, I use a medium-sized freezer bag instead of the soda bottle. Zi-i-ip, it stays dry.

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Me too. I pull the TP from the inside of the roll, just like this instructable, allowing me to keep the roll in the bag.


2 years ago

+Nice trick. I recently developed another use for this reduced bottle. It makes an almost airtight container for keeping paint brushed from drying out whilst they are standing in a solvent. It also prevents fumes from fouling the atmosphere. But keep the bottle top on!

If you have a problem keeping both halves in place, use a large rubber band once around the neck, then bring it under the bottom with those big grooves (and make an X) and back up to the neck again. Then you can just free the rubber band off of the bottom to refill.

Of course, baby wipes have all of this and more, so pack some of them in the car's emergency supplies too, as they're really helpful when you don't have running water to help clean up with.... (just saying.)

A very ingenious way of keeping that precious toilet paper dry and dirt free when outdoors. Thankyou for sharing!

spanish una idea para los que ocupan papel sanitario y tambien papel toalla en una botella mas grande en lugares mojados como conocemos en la playa, el camping, el bote o el carro en medio de Barrio Chino despues de las 2

very nice hack and useful too. If you cut the bottle with a good amount of base space it could aslo hold some vinegar or soap mix for wetwipes style use at a campsite, workshop or in the car or boat, 5/5

No so classy. but then, it's for your ...... buttsy

I'm going to try this great idea. We also use a coffee can to keep our toilet paper in at our camp. It keeps the mice from chewing it up for their nests.

For travel I keep ours in a plastic coffee can in each car, because you never know when you might go some place and there out.

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We have a camp and we use plastic cans to keep the toilet paper in. This keeps the mice from getting and chewing it up for their nests. It works very good. I like the idea of keeping the paper in the car.


Ok, if I take this camping/canoeing and would like to put the lid back on to prevent water from getting in, How do I keep the paper up toward the top and still put the lid on. I can see myself out in the woods, in a panic, and I open the lid and can't get my fat fingers in the little hole. But if I leave some of the paper out and put the lid over it, then capillary action will take place and soak my whole roll. Suggestions?

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I am going camping in a few weeks and this is my plan.

pull the paper out a bit, lightly twist on the lid, cover the top with a party balloon.

Problem solved ? don't know, I will let you know if I come back with a wet bum.

I plan to use a modified version of this. For the paper to stay at the top, I will glue an o-ring to the inside of the top. Open the cap, and the paper follows.

I plan to use a modified version of this. For the paper to stay at the top, I will glue an o-ring to the inside of the top. Open the cap, and the paper follows.

Magnets? Can you elaborate?

How about gluing some sort of clip to the inside of the lid?