Toilet-Top Garden





Introduction: Toilet-Top Garden

I saw this toilet garden:

I immediately thought, "This is awesome, how can I do something similar that is easier using the materials I have?"

Here's what I came up with:

You will need:


Potted Herbs

Some cool things

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Step 1: Go to Your Toilet.

Are you there?

Step 2: Flip Over the Lid.

See how it's awesome and made of ceramic, a lot like a flower pot?

Step 3: Fill It Up.

I broke up the roots of my potted plants. and spread the soil out over the space. I added some tips to beets and turnips just to see how they would do. I put in some cool stones I had and some little knickknacks (do people still say knickknacks?) It looks pretty good. I used cilantro, chives, lemon thyme, and lemon balm. The thought is the herbs will purify the air and make the bathroom smell nicer.

Disclaimers: I just did this and got really psyched but I haven't tested this long term.

I am not sure if flipping the lid will cause any side effects. I know that on hot days toilets can sweat, I am not sure if a less tight lid will lead to condensation problems, but I have a shower, a sink, and my farmhouse bidet... which I may post an instructable for down the road... all those shoot water so I'm not all that worried.

I think that the roots, although they wont have as much spaces to grow down, should do okay because they have a lot more horizontal space in the lid than they did in the pot.

Hope You Like It!



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How about cleaning the lid before planting anything. Ewww...

1 reply

I'm not sure if you'd have to clean it, the reservoir should be clean because it is where the piped water goes. For all intensive purposes you could drink out of the top part.

Where did you get those cool tiles on the wall with quotes on them?? (I love your toilet top garden, by the way. . . .). Thank you.

2 replies

Thanks GaleG1! I actually made the tiles. It's just an old book of quotes I kept in my bathroom. When the book started to fall apart I cut out the phrases and used a wash of glue and water. I painted the glue on the wall and then painted over the paper, to seal them in place. My bathroom tiles are these cheap plastic ones. It should also work with most other materials. I have done it on walls and doors as well. I feel like it might not work so well on high gloss surfaces, like glossy tiles, but it is worth a try

Thank you! Now all I have to do is find a book with great quotes in the shape which I can cut out and affix to my bathroom tiles! I think this method you used is the same a decoupage. . . .maybe? Anyway, nice!

all the bacteria from the toilet when you flush will go into the plants

will the plants die ?

1 reply

It's not connected to the toilet. The water from the toilet still goes down the drain.

Well how cool is that ! Do you have a lot of light in your bathroom ? I have a small window above the potty that should work! I love the idea of "Good smelling" herbs as my potty gets a lot of traffic ! Hahaha I will keep ya posted on my " potty garden " !!

1 reply

We just have a tiny window. Plants have done okay in there before, we've had them on top of the toilet in the past.

I wonder if the wicking would pull water up and over?

Can't wait to see that garden in a couple of weeks.