Introduction: Toilet Paper Machine

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This idea came to me when i was in toilet :D

Step 1: Needs

Picture of Needs

Step 2: Bataries

Picture of Bataries

Make bataries together with band

Step 3: Adding Switcher

Picture of Adding Switcher

Tape switcher to the bataries

Step 4: Switcher's Other Cable

Picture of Switcher's Other Cable

Tape the second cable to motor's first part

Step 5: Finished Circuit

Picture of Finished Circuit

Tape the - part to motors second part

Step 6: Holder Part

Picture of Holder Part

make a hole on to plastic cup

Step 7: Pasting Motor and Cup

Picture of Pasting Motor and Cup

Glue the motor to the cap

Step 8: Adding Toilet Paper and Finished

Picture of Adding Toilet Paper and Finished

Maybe its so fast you can use one batary

Add the toilet paper to machine

Yeeepp, Finished :D


kmix1 (author)2011-08-16

Good to know that you were on the toilet when you thought of this. I would of never known!!!!!!!!!!!

spankeerrrrrrr (author)kmix12011-08-24


spankeerrrrrrr (author)2011-06-20

I dont know anyting about it and I think you cant find these massagers in this website

rsingh3 (author)2011-06-17

Thanks i guess, ill try to find a use for this somehow lol! Do you know of any projects to make a mini massager?

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