Toilet Paper Roll - Lamp





Introduction: Toilet Paper Roll - Lamp

What to do with the toilet paper tubes?
Since 1879 when the [ttp:// Scott Paper] Company sells the first toilet paper on a roll, the remainig tube have been discarted.
Now you can reuse them to make this fabolus lamp.

Step 1: Materials

32 toilet paper tubes
1 stapler
1 tape
1 scissors
1 pen
1 bulb and electric instalation.

Step 2: Mark

Make a ruler to mark the tubes.
20 tubes must have in 6 parts.
and 12 tubes with 5 parts.

Step 3: Cut

Cut on the lines, and open the flaps.

Step 4: Assemble

Take one tube of 5 flaps and attach with the stapler in each flap one tube with 6 flaps.
Always is going to be like this all the 5 ones conect with 6 ones, but not all the 6 ones conect with 5 ones. REMEMBER: You have to make this little triangle in between.

Step 5: The Last 5

Leave the last 5 tube and attach it with clips (pic 3). So you can replace the bulb.
You can make a figure as indicated in picture number 2, to avoid the direct contact with the bulb and the tube.

Step 6: Ready!

You can cut the other side of the tubes to make it more ornamented.



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cool in-expensive design!

cant wait to see it spin...

This is a way awesome idea, but oh so flamable. What can I coat the cardboard with that would keep it from burning? Is there some fire-prood/retardant spray? Oh, well, maybe I could use LED lights. ANYWAY, I like it. Very cool and very reuseable!

There actually is a fire retardant spray: this one is DIY or you can buy it at your local hardware emporium.

Yes, but as you can see on step 5, you can make a net to avoid the contact with the cardboard. Also is advisable to use a low watt bulb.

Another idea is to use Al Gore's lamp, I mean, compact fluorescent lamps... up to 11 watts is a good max top... And congratulations on the Instructable!

What is the Al Gore lamp? Thanks for the comment.

Didn't you see the Oprah show, when Al Gore was there? He suggested to all Americans (and the World) to replace the regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs... That's why Al Gore's lamps... By the way: haven't you watch "An inconvenient truth"? []s Dudaott

An inconvenient truth is a lie. Scientists have proven that global warming is not linked with CO2. The whole movie is just for politically uses.