Toilet Water Saver





Introduction: Toilet Water Saver

It's easy! Just slap an ol' gallon jug in the tank.

Step 1: Get Gallon Jug

Any one will do, then empty it out. If it contains milk you are required to drink the gallon in one hour or this trick won't work.

Step 2: Fill Jug With Water

If you really want to conserve more water, you can pee into the jug. I mean, it's going in the toilet anyway...

Step 3: Find Toilet, Cram in Jug

Open the top of your tank and slap the jug in there, the water(or pee) in the jug will keep it from floating. It might take some persuasion to get the jug in there, just make sure it's not blocking any important mechanisms.

Step 4: Enjoy Saving the World While You Take a Dump!

A word of warning, if you happen to pack a mean bowl the lack of water pressure might become a problem. Although I have never encountered this problem, it is in my understanding that some of you heavy hitters might. Good luck.



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Questions & Answers


Dont use bricks, they break down and can clog your system.
Sand or gravel in bottom of bottle, as mentioned, is best.

This can be a good idea on a REALLY old toilet. I'm talking a 4+ gallon flusher. The best thing to do would be to get a newer toilet which uses 1.28 gallons per flush or 1.6 gallons per flush. They will flush better and use less water than a toilet with a milk jug or bricks in it. Make sure you get a good toilet too otherwise you'll be plunging all the time. My toilet uses 1.6 gallons per flush and can flush 18 golf balls in one shot. There is a model designed the same except it uses only 1.28gpf, but it wont do 18 golf balls...

For step two, if possible, you could submerge the bottle in the water already in the tank. Also, if your toilet isn't quite are big as the one shown, I found that using either 2 litre or 24 oz. bottle will work just as good, though if it floats freely in the tank you must tie it to something like the "pipe" below the filler valve or just have the tie overhang the lip of the tank and have the weight of the lid hold it down. Just stay close by for the first few times you flush, to make sure the bottle doesn't move around too much and/or interfere with anything.

if u are using 24 oz bottles fill em up with sand or small gravel

Indeed! Good feedback, thank you.

cool i`m doing this or you could just throw a few bricks or rocks or large chunks of heavy stuff

is it me or is that toilet tank massive!

It is on the larger end of toilet tanks, but all the more reason to make it save water.