Tomahawk K'nex Assault Rifle Instructions




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Introduction: Tomahawk K'nex Assault Rifle Instructions

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Please build this gun! It is simple and well preforming! YOU WONT REGRET IT!

This should be fairly simple - just follow the pictures!

Step 1: Parts to Have Handy

-2 cut rods (3 wide)
-Rubber bands

Step 2: 7th Layer

This isn't necessary but greatly adds strength and makes it look cool!

Step 3: 5th Layer

It's not that hard
Make 2 of these

Step 4: Internals

Step 5: Mag

Just build it no internals needed

Step 6: Stock

Step 7: Put It Together

Step 8: Banding the Gun



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    Looks great! if it had no cut pieces I'd build it. I've never cut a piece and I intend not to. I'm a k'nex purist xD

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    Yep xD I may well do that. However I have quite a lot of projects planned and some instructables to make. Is subbing to me working now? I got it sorted with one of the admins

    It works off and on with the app. What did the admins tell you to do?

    Well seamster told them the bug, they fixed it really quickly then just told me to sub :)

    I'm some what the same way I would never cut a good part but I have a boatloads of broken gray rods that I use for cut parts. Instead of throwing away parts that get broke I keep them if I ever need them.

    damn it....I've had hundreds of ruined pieces before. why didn't I keep them!!!!

    Well now is a good time to start even though it's not fun to find broken parts in your collection.

    Yeah I have never broken a perfectly fine K'nex part. Lucas the boss uses cut flexi rods I his guns and that's not a bad idea either!

    Be sure to replace the yellow mini K'nex rod with a red mini K'nex rod!