Tomahawk K'nex Assault Rifle Instructions


Introduction: Tomahawk K'nex Assault Rifle Instructions

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Please build this gun! It is simple and well preforming! YOU WONT REGRET IT!

This should be fairly simple - just follow the pictures!

Step 1: Parts to Have Handy

-2 cut rods (3 wide)
-Rubber bands

Step 2: 7th Layer

This isn't necessary but greatly adds strength and makes it look cool!

Step 3: 5th Layer

It's not that hard
Make 2 of these

Step 4: Internals

Step 5: Mag

Just build it no internals needed

Step 6: Stock

Step 7: Put It Together

Step 8: Banding the Gun



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    12 Discussions

    Looks great! if it had no cut pieces I'd build it. I've never cut a piece and I intend not to. I'm a k'nex purist xD

    9 replies

    Yep xD I may well do that. However I have quite a lot of projects planned and some instructables to make. Is subbing to me working now? I got it sorted with one of the admins

    I'm some what the same way I would never cut a good part but I have a boatloads of broken gray rods that I use for cut parts. Instead of throwing away parts that get broke I keep them if I ever need them.

    damn it....I've had hundreds of ruined pieces before. why didn't I keep them!!!!

    Well now is a good time to start even though it's not fun to find broken parts in your collection.

    Yeah I have never broken a perfectly fine K'nex part. Lucas the boss uses cut flexi rods I his guns and that's not a bad idea either!

    Be sure to replace the yellow mini K'nex rod with a red mini K'nex rod!