This recipe will make enough to serve 2 adults. It is very simple to make but the rolling part can be a workout if you (like me) do not have a pasta roller. Once you have the type of dough you like, the pasta shapes that can be created are virtually endless. I chose to make fettuccine do to its wide range of uses in the pasta world.


Step 1: Pasta Pasta

I know there are many versions of pasta recipes out there. The amount of flour combinations, oil, no oil, salt, or no salt stuff can be confusing. What I recommend is trying a few and seeing which one you like best.

For this recipe I choose to stay with a simple flour & egg mixture. Any flavor that I am missing from lack of oil & salt will be made up for by the tomato paste. Again this recipe makes two large servings but it can be easily doubled or tripled to serve your number of guest.

Here is what you will need:

2 cups Flour (all-purpose measured by the scoop and sweep method)

2 Eggs (chicken type)

2 tablespoons Tomato Paste
I like to toss it in a little olive oil, garlic and pepper with a glass of Merlot. <br>
Yum! I love the color of this pasta :)
Yum! Do you usually eat this with sauce, or just eat it by itself?
This I will try sometime. Been wanting to make a flavored pasta! Thanks for sharing! <br>sunshiine

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