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Our Tomato Jewels are elegant and appetizing little gems! Visit www.puffpastry.com or www.holidaykitchen.tv for more delicious video recipes.
What a great idea and it looks so nice. I would try to pipe the filling into the tomatoes.
YES. It is a good idea.
What a great idea... I was just discussing something similar with my mate (we're both catering a christening party the weekend after next and wated to do something similar... but just couldnt work out how to do it<br><br>What would you suggest instead of goats cheese?<br><br>or what would make a nice alternative stuffing for the tomatoes?<br><br>baked peppers maybe?
What about avocado as stuffing? I've made stuffed cherry tomatoes with avocado-basil pesto, it was great.

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