Picture of Tomato Sauce from the Bread Machine

I've never made tomato sauce before, but I have been meaning to for some time. We eat a lot of pasta and pizza in my house, and making the sauce to go with them would be a natural progression.

I thought I might experiment with making the sauce in the bread machine, which I have used to make fruit jams before. How different can a tomato sauce be? After all, isn't jam just fruit sauce with sugar?

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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients

I loosely followed this recipe, but used my lazy shortcuts that will undoubtedly affect how the sauce turns out.

600 grams of tomatoes, both canned and fresh

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp onion powder

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp sugar

Dash of red-wine vinegar

The canned tomatoes had small green chiles in it, but I figured that a little bit of spice wouldn't be bad. I used the rest of the tomatoes that I had left over from the Carbonating Tomatoes instructable. (And I did not use the carbonated tomatoes in this one!)

I used the onion and garlic powder because my eventual goal would be to make this "slow cooker" style- dump everything in the machine in the morning, and come back later to completed sauce. Frying and softening onions and garlic would be an extra step.

Step 2: Sliced Tomatoes

Picture of Sliced Tomatoes

I merely sliced the plum tomatoes. I did not seed or skin them. Many recipes call for both, but others say to leave them on for a chunky texture and a more intense flavor.

Using only canned tomatoes will probably make this step an unnecessary worry. I think leaving the skins on is also (partly) why the sauce is bright orange instead of red.

Into the pot with them!

I doubt that the longer cooking made the sauce orange, as I will simmer tomato sauce all day and it will retain a nice red color. And if I want to thicken the sauce quickly I usually add tomato paste.

Wow! That's great!