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Introduction: Tombstone Keychain

For my instructable I made a Tombstone Perk key chain, its not a huge project but I thought that it would be rather unique since i haven't seen this anywhere else on the site. But if others have something similar I'd love to see it, in my opinion I found this little project to be pretty simple. You can easily do this with any of the perks, all you need is a picture of the perk when the logo is off the bottle (My picture of Tombstone is a good example for what to look for). I just picked Tombstone because it wasn't that popular and thought it would be cooler to make instead of a perk that ( if you have played the game ) comes to mind first like Juggernog or Speed Cola. After picking a logo you would copy and paste the picture to Autodesk English where you would trace and scale the picture, and when laser cutting I added two layers. What I did was separate the Tombstone Soda ring from the center part of the logo which is how I got the ring layer on top. For an example i have my Autodesk file posted, so i suggest you check that for a little reference. Hope you like it and enjoy your day.

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