Introduction: Tongue Tape Dispenser!! (From Milk Box)

Picture of Tongue Tape Dispenser!! (From Milk Box)

Mum bought 8 box of milk! So after I drank it I thought : Shall I throw it in a bin? Its more valuable! So I suddenly thought about girl who vomiting pastilles in Harry Potter (Weasley wizard wheez) And I started to make this!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

You need :
Milk box (Any sizes)
Tape that you want to dispense it
Colourful paper (Skin color is required)
Clear tape
Duct tape or paper tape
Paper knife

Step 2: Make a Cardboard Roll

Picture of Make a Cardboard Roll

Roll your cardboard and make its diameter more smaller than tape's diameter. Tuck it into milk box (As picture 2)

Step 3: Tape the Thin Papertape

Picture of Tape the Thin Papertape

Use thin paper tape to tape around the box, So when you decorate it, You won't see though the thin paper.

Step 4: Decorate

Picture of Decorate

Glue or tape your skin colored paper, And decorate with mouth, eyes, hair and nose.

Step 5: Make a Hole

Picture of Make a Hole

Cut a hole at the mouth, Make three cut lines, Above and left and right, except below and make it like a door, open from above.

Step 6: Tuck a Tape

Picture of Tuck a Tape

Tuck your tape and cardboard roll into the box, Pull the tape through the door below.

Step 7: FINISH!!!

Picture of FINISH!!!

Pull the tape from her (or his) mouth, Prank your friends!

Step 8:


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