Tongue Tape Dispenser!! (From Milk Box)



Introduction: Tongue Tape Dispenser!! (From Milk Box)

Mum bought 8 box of milk! So after I drank it I thought : Shall I throw it in a bin? Its more valuable! So I suddenly thought about girl who vomiting pastilles in Harry Potter (Weasley wizard wheez) And I started to make this!

Step 1: Materials

You need :
Milk box (Any sizes)
Tape that you want to dispense it
Colourful paper (Skin color is required)
Clear tape
Duct tape or paper tape
Paper knife

Step 2: Make a Cardboard Roll

Roll your cardboard and make its diameter more smaller than tape's diameter. Tuck it into milk box (As picture 2)

Step 3: Tape the Thin Papertape

Use thin paper tape to tape around the box, So when you decorate it, You won't see though the thin paper.

Step 4: Decorate

Glue or tape your skin colored paper, And decorate with mouth, eyes, hair and nose.

Step 5: Make a Hole

Cut a hole at the mouth, Make three cut lines, Above and left and right, except below and make it like a door, open from above.

Step 6: Tuck a Tape

Tuck your tape and cardboard roll into the box, Pull the tape through the door below.

Step 7: FINISH!!!

Pull the tape from her (or his) mouth, Prank your friends!

Step 8:



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