Tonneau Cover, Truck Bed Cover




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Introduction: Tonneau Cover, Truck Bed Cover

Make your own truck bed cover for about $100-$150.

Step 1: Buyers List

1. Buy: Aluminum track, stainless steel bolts with tapered heads, buy enough vinyl fencing, buy lock bolts stainless steel, use existing was candel or buy candle.

Step 2: Cutting Track.

2. Cut and install aluminum track. Use tappered bit so the screws are flush with the track.

Step 3: Cut Fencing

3. Cut fencing to fit.

Step 4: Wax Rail

To make it easier to put the fencing in... wax the rail.



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    This is very unclear. What type of fencing? What type of channel? Where did you source it from? is it waterproof?

    Oh my this is really great. I saw another cover and that made me search to see if anyone else did one. Now I have to choose. Yours is much easier and I imagine lighter.


    Ok...this is brilliant. Do you have a link for the fence? Is it a solid panel or is it tongue and groove?

    Where did you find that aluminum track, or what is it originally made for. I can find the vinyl fencing but the track is holding me up.

    This is a great bed cover! I'm sure that it's pretty sturdy as well.