Tony Stark! easy iron man costume that looks good

Picture of Tony Stark! easy iron man costume that looks good
I love interesting costumes. and sometimes the most simple idea and simple excecution can be the most impactful costumes of all. the following tony stark outfit has gotten much attention at any costume bash and has won me best costume in 3 instances. and the total cost to me for making this briliant costume was 9 bucks .... nothing could be simpler. so here you go an easy and impactful costume, I give you all the Tony Stark!
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Step 1: What you need.

Picture of what you need.
to do this in its simplest form all you need is:

A DOT push light

a red leather glove

a velcro strap


and a sharpie 

if you are going for more detail pick up or find some sink and plumbing parts and some copper wiring.

Step 2: Putting it together (simple)

Picture of putting it together (simple)
if you are doing the simple version

all you need it to put some velcro on the back of the light and get the strap around your body and put it under your shirt.

as for the glove cut a whole in the palm and do some lines with the sharpie and BAM your ready to go 

Step 3: Putting it together (detail)

Picture of putting it together (detail)
now if you want to wow people with more detail

take the front plate off the DOT light and glue on some shiny sink parts and some copper wire. 

the arrangement of it is ultimately up to you. however use reference pics and do your best to recreate what is shown in the  movies.


Picture of FINALLY
now all you need to do is fix your hair and shave your face as best you can to mimic Mr. Stark.

grab a nice suit and your light pieces don't forget your shades

then you are ready to party it up. the ladies love hanging with Tony!
ntense992 years ago
Really awesome dude! I made a cheap quick version of his "mech test" and this is what it looks like:



yugioh544442 years ago
cool! I wish i got the e-mail sooner i^i
eschneck2 years ago
I think I'd rather hang with those 2 bunnies than with Tony ... ;)
ilpug2 years ago
It helps that you look like him! :P

great simple costume.
davIRE ilpug2 years ago
my thoughts exactly
Agreed! Your hair really helps make the costume Tony Starklike!
eleisa2 years ago
probably doesnt hurt that you are sexi as hell....
McNopants13 (author)  eleisa2 years ago
hahaha you flatter me. Thank you
Ditto Eleisa.
bruno130692 years ago
I put one of these lights on a small piece of cardboard covered in clear tape to make it more sweat-resistant. Then I hung it on a necklace under my T shirt. Looked OK for a quick work costume.