Iron Man/Tony Stark Repulsor Arm





Introduction: Iron Man/Tony Stark Repulsor Arm

this is my tony stark costume! both the arc reactor and repulsar arm are homemade. The repulsar arm is full metal. i have an instructable on the arc reactor, check it out ;) the repulsar arm took me about 1 month to make, the arc reactor, a few days. if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

thank you :)



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Does the light have an activation switch? Or is it always on? And also does it flash by chance? Or is it just a consistent light? Totally fine if it is I just wasn't sure by the photos.

You really should make a tutorial for this man. It's the best one I've seen yet and I've been searching for awhile. My email is
If you could maybe send me some info on how you made it, I'd greatly appreciate it.

What is the power source?

dude I need some more information of how to make this

Tutorial? Please? This is too cool

This looks so cool!! Do you think you'll ever make a tutorial?:)

Dude, this is actually pretty freaking awesome, if you're awesome enough and up to it, please please please could you make an instructable? I really want to make it, if you do decide to, how long do you think it'd take, like roughly, thank you!! :D