this is my tony stark costume! both the arc reactor and repulsar arm are homemade. The repulsar arm is full metal. i have an instructable on the arc reactor, check it out ;) the repulsar arm took me about 1 month to make, the arc reactor, a few days. if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

thank you :)
dhanish.gola5 months ago
Sir i want to purchase it

dude I need some more information of how to make this


Tutorial? Please? This is too cool
This looks so cool!! Do you think you'll ever make a tutorial?:)
ironman2341 year ago
Dude, this is actually pretty freaking awesome, if you're awesome enough and up to it, please please please could you make an instructable? I really want to make it, if you do decide to, how long do you think it'd take, like roughly, thank you!! :D
cewer2 years ago
Can you put an instructable for the repulsor arm
boltoms (author)  cewer1 year ago

i will try to a little later on :)

How on earth did you make that. Make an instruct able for it please that is amazing
boltoms (author)  warmachine681 year ago

thank you so much for the feedback, i have been in college an am going to try to make an instructable a little later on. thank you so much again!

Langerz9981 year ago
Please please please make an instructable on it :) it looks so amazing and I'm sure many people would very much appreciate it
boltoms (author)  Langerz9981 year ago
hello, i have been off of instructables for a while. i thank you so much for the feedback. i will try to do an instructable o a better model later. thank you so much again!
cara vc e um genio ,vai se divertir muito com isso
ArsPal2 years ago
sell ???
very cool, was this for halloween?
boltoms (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
no, i just built it for fun :)