Picture of Too Bloody Hot
The key to this Bloody Mary variation is vodka infused with spicy peppers.  It lends a rounder, more unique flavor than just dashing in some hot sauce, and despite the title, it's not one of those concoctions that is so spicy as to be unpleasant.

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Step 1: Make Firewater

Picture of Make Firewater


  • 1/2 cup mixed, dried, spicy peppers
  • 1 750-ml bottle vodka
  1. Soak peppers in 1/2 cup vodka overnight to soften in the bottom of a large jar.
  2. Press air out of softened peppers to prevent floaters.
  3. Cover with remaining vodka and allow to macerate for one week.

Note: there’s no way to give exact measurements, because pepper availability and spiciness vary greatly, so make it hot and dilute it with vodka to taste.

The bacon made me click this. Nice touch.
mtrifiro4 years ago
For an extra home-made kick, use the DIY Sriracha http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Sriracha-aka-Rooster-Sauce/
stevensugg4 years ago
Is that a slice of bacon being used for garnish? I think that qualifies as a breakfast drink AND breakfast!
groovy4 years ago
In Canada its called a Cesar not sure what the rest of the world calls them (bloody Marys) is similar i think ..love how you cure it with the peppers before serving..bacon is a great add-on....
nice ible
eldavoloco5 years ago
 Mmmmmmmmmmm, spicy vodka AND Sriracha? You are speakin' my language! You've got my vote!
thefemale5 years ago
 mmmm hello there  you spicy lil darling, its a pleasure to see you!
I'm shocked you didn't add a bullion cube.
l8nite5 years ago
I make a habanero vodka by dropping a habanero pepper in a bottle of vodka, I mention it in this "ible" http://www.instructables.com/id/NOT-your-school-lunch-PBnJ/  Thats my basic Hot Mary, I like to add steak sauce and worcheshire sauce and (if its on hand) horseradish. Personally I'm not real big on garnishes but that bacon IS intriqing !  Warning: This is on the upper level of the heat scales so use caution if trying...
canida5 years ago
Excellent.  There should be more drinks garnished with bacon!