While at the park, sitting in the school parking lot, camping, or at the construction site, do you have to turn your car radio up loud and leave the windows open so you can make out the beat of the music? This instructable shows how I put external speakers in my truck so I can use them when outside. The speakers are in a safe, dry place, and no one expects it when you open the tool box to blast your beats.

Step 1: Parts

Probably the most important part of this project, and the first step, is to get a truck and tool box. This could be the most expensive part of this instructable, but if you already have a truck laying around you're set to go. The truck I used is a ford ranger with a highway products tool box.

the speakers easily fit in the tool box with about an inch of space on each side. Having the speaker boxes with slanted sides helps to aim the music away from the truck.

tool box
baling wire
speaker cable

wire cutters
flat and phillips screwdrivers
wiring diagram for radio
Great idea, great project!!!

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