So I had a couple of these cheap broken aluminium waterpasses for a long time and eventually I decided to make something usefull out of them: a tool cases (well... it may be a "something else cases" as well). And it is a pretty simple project.

Step 1:

Prepare the raw materials and the work-fuel (tea at this time).

Step 2:

Cut pieces into lenght. I was making a cases for a hacksaw blades wich resulted into specific dimentions.

Step 3:

File the edges to make them smooth and nice... and filed.

Step 4:

Cut a back (unremovable) plug from any piece of wood ypu like... or hate (it depends of your woodworking skills).

Step 5:

Hammer the plug into place.

Step 6:

To secure the plug I just made indentations through the aluminium into wood. I used soft pine so it worked well enough but any glue or screws will do the job even better.

Step 7:

Use tools to make the removable front plug. It fits snuggly inside the case. Notice a little step: it prevents the plug from falling all the way into the case; and a notch at the top makes it easier to pull.

Step 8:

Finish wooden parts with enything you like and...

Step 9:

... have a usefull thing for your workshop.

Thank you for your attention.

<p>Thanks for the post, I really liked it-smart recycling.</p>
<p>Thank you for your reply.</p>
<p>fantastic idea never heard a spirit level called a waterpass before </p>
<p>Thanks. English is not my best language. I thought &quot;waterpass&quot; is the right word (sounds kind of right). It is used in Ukrainian/Russian but maybe it's not that international afer all.</p>
<p>that explains it . didnt realise your from ukrain </p>
<p>I like this. Well done.</p>
<p>Thank you.</p>
<p>That looks really nice. </p>

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