Tool Improvision- How to Substitute Basic Tools





Introduction: Tool Improvision- How to Substitute Basic Tools

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    Wow, this is actually cool *4,5 stars, faves* I wonder why people think this is bad... I mean yes he could get better pictures, but it's very neatly written... Good job, Radio!

    THANK YOU at least SOMEONE appreciates my work

    hahaha I like replying to our old comments ;)

    oldest thing ive replyed to was in 2005 i think... whats yours?

    Your welcome. To all the people who thinks it's bad: Cut him some slack man. He's just a kid ( LOL probably weird for me to say that because I'm around his age ). And I for once think this is a neat I'ble. Although I have to admit the pictures suck, grammar's pretty well. So it's ok for u to think it's bad, but this is i'ble is, for one, not made out of fail.

    sequel? Tool Improvision: how to not use MS paint. Step 1: download Picasa3 Step 2: enjoy

    ... Im considering deleting this ible atm. it was worthless.

    No offense, but are you crazy??? Just a VACUUM CLEANER!!! Then again I have used a soldering iron as a glue gun... it kinda did almost sorta kinda work a bit, almost...

    this was a very old ible. Im considering taking it down.