Tool Improvision- How to Substitute Basic Tools


Introduction: Tool Improvision- How to Substitute Basic Tools


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    Wow, this is actually cool *4,5 stars, faves* I wonder why people think this is bad... I mean yes he could get better pictures, but it's very neatly written... Good job, Radio!

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    THANK YOU at least SOMEONE appreciates my work

    hahaha I like replying to our old comments ;)

    oldest thing ive replyed to was in 2005 i think... whats yours?

    Your welcome. To all the people who thinks it's bad: Cut him some slack man. He's just a kid ( LOL probably weird for me to say that because I'm around his age ). And I for once think this is a neat I'ble. Although I have to admit the pictures suck, grammar's pretty well. So it's ok for u to think it's bad, but this is i'ble is, for one, not made out of fail.

    sequel? Tool Improvision: how to not use MS paint. Step 1: download Picasa3 Step 2: enjoy

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    ... Im considering deleting this ible atm. it was worthless.

    No offense, but are you crazy??? Just a VACUUM CLEANER!!! Then again I have used a soldering iron as a glue gun... it kinda did almost sorta kinda work a bit, almost...

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    this was a very old ible. Im considering taking it down.

    Ye, can you put up soldering iron as glue gun???

    Use your grammar if your telling everyone else that theirs is bad.

    Whats it to ya, you haven't even made a Instructable and u commented mine as terribly grammar

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    watsi t tooya was from spongbob!

    "Like your pinewood derby car" Classic *3.5 stars*

    Dj Radio, Will you please remove this Instructable out of my Knex Gun Contest Group? It's not even about knex so why did you put it in? Anyway, please take it out of the group, ok? Thanks already :P

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    ok, ill take it out. i must have put that in by accident when i took out my AR-4

    wait, you were (or know some one) in cub scouts?