Tool Rack


Introduction: Tool Rack

About: I work in a 32mm cabinet shop, it's terrible.

Plywood scraps and screws.



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    Good idea! My selection of tools didn't want to work with this system. But I like it so much, I tweaked it a little. Drilling a bunch of 1 1/8" holes kind of defeats the purpose, but at least I only had to drill through a 3/16" strip of wood. Your rack supports the bulk of the weight, and it takes only a minute to slap together!


    Liked your idea so much, I used it! Though, I haven't many tools to put in it yet.

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    Looks nice, I'm sure you'll fill it up.

    Putting tools in holes sort of annoys me so I don't do it, I keep my junk in drawers. I did make this rack for screw drivers though. The tools just slide off and on. If I'd taken the picture at a little better angle you could have seen one of my chisel drawers in that wooden toolbox below the rack.

    I want to make a new wooden toolbox one of these days nicer than that one I already made. Fun projects!


    Very nice I have mine and sons gouges in different old wine boxes ,cardboard and other boxes not the best for the cutting edges