Picture of Tool Wall
I had an idea to save a full drawer of space, and to let me see all my tools. I have almost certainly done it badly, however, I decided to share it.

Picture 2 shows 3 of my methods involving screws. First, the drill - it is just hooked onto a couple of screws. This is how most of the tools are attached to the wall. Second, the drill bits - as I only have 5, it worked fine to put two screws in and place them on top. Finally, the screws themselves - as they were in the box shown, I hooked the handle on as before, but tipped it so the box itself was the right way up.

Pictures 3 and 4 show my two velcro methods. In 3, each screwdriver has a bit of velcro on one side and on the wall there are 3 equally sized bits of velcro - one each. In 4, there is a strip of one side of velcro and each screwdriver has the other side wrapped around the top of it.

There is also a strip of velcro along the bottom of the staple gun to help it stay up.

Finally, the electric screwdriver has a rubber band hooked around two of the screws to help it stay up.

I wouldn't recommend my methods, but they work well enough for me.

Thank you.
katerlyn3 years ago
Also, you can post this photo next to it for a visual reminder.
H4ZZ498 (author)  katerlyn3 years ago
Ha, good idea! However thanks to my mother's genes I move my room around very often and it's already come down (into a toolbox).

Good idea anyway :-)
oh how sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
excited3 years ago
I would recomend you to draw the lines of your tools on the wall. I did this after spending too much time looking for the right spot for my tool. goes much faster now.
H4ZZ498 (author)  excited3 years ago
Done :-) Thank you