Tool Board in 15 Min





Introduction: Tool Board in 15 Min

Hi guys 

This is my first post don't mind if there is any mistake or if i have not followed format.

Today thought of doing something interesting so i tried getting components for other project but couldn't find the components so i am doing this as my tools were scattered all over my garage so thought of doing a board for hanging it surpriseingly it took me only 15 min to complete this so you can use the same to do yours.

Step 1: Items Required

1] Play wood board depending on the number of tools you have i had taken 2X1.5 foot board
2] Hammer
3] Nails
4] Single strand wire
5] pencil

Step 2: Step 1

Mark the points for the nails according to the size of the tools you have


Step 3: Step 2

now nail the marked points and make the board ready as shown in the pic

Step 4: Step 3

Now arrange the tools according to the way you had designed.

happy building

This takes max 15 min



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    Often with a board arrangement like you have it helps to trace the tool outlines onto it, so it is easy to see where they go back, and see what is missing too.

    thanks for reading my instructable... and a grt words sir...

    Great tip , Thanks