Step 5: Box Base Cover

Screw support for the inner 2*2 at 45º on all sides (in my image you see only one side), use glue for extra strength.
After cutting plywood to size screw it to the box base. The base will be used to attach the box  to the van's floor so don't be "shy" with the screws when attaching the base plywood.
<p>How many 2x2s did you use?</p>
<p>How many 2x2s did you use?</p>
3 sheets of 4ft x 8ft ( marine,at that ) plywood ???????????? <br>what did you use the rest of the plywoow for ???????????????????
Very nice!<br /> <br /> I'm thinking about putting something like this in our entry way for shoe storage and a place to sit to put shoes on.<br />
I like this alot. I think this might make a nice hall bench as well as a tool box<br />
Very nicely done
Thank you.

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