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Introduction: Toolbike / XEyes Bike

Here's how I made my personal ride extra awesome.

Step 1: XEyes

Have you used X11?

The X windowing system comes with some cute test programs, including "XEyes".
Just as the Mona Lisa is always staring at your face, XEyes tracks your mouse position, and follows it with two big graphical eyes.

I wanted my bike wheels to look like two big Xeyes. (Xeyes-bike, not "exercise bike")

I cut out big plastic circles, and used a sharpie to draw big pupils, and slipped them between my spokes, where they happily remained until I was hit by a truck.

It looked pretty good.

Step 2: Add a Tool Rack

I love making stuff. I practically live in a machine shop, but I can't be there all the time.

So what could be cooler than having my own rolling machine shop, with all the most useful hand tools?

I asked my local hardware store to sponsor me in exchange for advertisement, and got a bunch of tools from them.

I cut out a sheet of pegboard that was the right shape, and attached it to the frame.

I didn't get around to attaching the tools, because I wanted to make a locking plexiglass case cover first, since I live in Boston and I know people would want to steal my stuff.

Before I could get around to it, I got hit by a truck, and so this bike is no more.

RIP, toolbike/xeyes bike.



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    I've been hit by cars before. It REALLY sucks. What sucks more is losing the bike that you worked hard on.

    You should know that a stiff crosswind would knock you off this bike, and if a bus passed you, you would be sucked into it's draft because of these modifications acting like a sail. It's fine for low speeds, but might be unsafe in windy-weather at speed.

    Nice job! But, I was wondering, what is so great about them, a lot of people have them, does it do anything to the bike? (Besides making it look awesome.)

    It probably help to keep you from getting hit by a truck...;D

    Hrmm... I wonder - if those eyes were lit - would it make a POV cycloid? I guess it would, at least, make it look like jumping lights :)

    yes it would!

    user dan, who I think you know, is working on POV kits - and they look awesome.

    mmm... linux... sweet build!

    hardrock!? that one looks different to the others