I was tired of having all of my tools lying in a pile so I decided to build myself a toolbox to store them in. The foam rubber is excellent for keeping the tools in place, I got it for free from my mom's work they use it to protect expensive devices when shipping them around the world.
shazni3 years ago
Guess what...i designed this same box just before i saw this! amazing huh?
only i have only a jigsaw...so no dadoes for the drawers. Instead i cut 3 strips..2 to the top and bottom and the center to the side board. will post as soon as i'm finished :-) btw...would you mind telling me the dimensions of the drawer?

my hammer is the biggest tool so i thought to go for 14" by 7". and height of 2".
do you think that is too small?. thought to do 3 drawers and a top shelf for my nail containers
90kar08 (author)  shazni2 years ago
I would say that's about the size of mine, have you built any box yet?
shazni3 years ago
how does your drawer slide?
90kar08 (author)  shazni2 years ago
They slide on a strip of wood on each side of the drawer, sorry for the not so quick reply ;)
90kar08 (author) 2 years ago
Thank you all for the nice comments! And sorry I've been so slow with the answers... I am planning to build a new and slightly bigger toolbox with the same overall look and design as this one.

I've used the box for a while now and have noticed some things I would like to change. The main issue is that both the drawers and the top need two hands to open and the elastic cord used for the locking mechanism for the lid isn't very elastic any more. Also I got rid of the top foam rubber rather quickly as I wanted somewhere to put random small stuff like nails and screws and such.

I'll post either a full instructable here or a video on Youtube with instructions of how to build one once I'm finished with the new one.
Dr.Bill2 years ago
Great 'Show and Tell' piece.
I would like to build ah nice tool box but I don't have what it takes to figure it all out.
Please update with pictures of how the drawers look finished. Drawer slides and such.
Did you have to build a frame to nail the wood sides to?
bwoodfield4 years ago
I can see this being very handy if you had some specialized tools that you wanted to keep organized together, like some wood working tools.
I was just thinking the same thing, for precision tools. My micrometers sit in their original cardboard box because I don't want them damaged, but having foam drawers for micrometers, dial calipers, multimeter, etc, would be a great way to store them.
djtaz3 years ago
do you have this in a PDF file so I can save it
pfred24 years ago
I line my toolboxes with this:


If I used foam like you use it'd get all greasy and full of saw dust pretty quickly. I'd also have a lot more toolboxes!


Your toolbox reminds me a lot of an art box I made for myself:


I wish I had pictures of some of the tool boxes I've made. But I'm too lazy to get up and get my camera right now.
Mattkguns4 years ago
this is pretty awesome, make yourself a couple of these for different types of tools/ jobs (electrical, plumbing, drill bits, etc...) id be down for a full instructable as well
mosley19125 years ago
is there an instructable for this. that includes full instructions on how to make this?
_Scratch_5 years ago
lol u have the same red gripped wire strippers i have
apskari5 years ago
These should be shown more. I will post mine when its done. Planning to add all tools in one box and add wheels from an old suitcase to pull it around. Allready have a big plywood box just cathering dust
flaco15 years ago
Very nice box
matt byrne6 years ago
Nice piece of work, but I can't figure out what the little green handles on the top do.
90kar08 (author)  matt byrne6 years ago
You push them to open the lid.
Ah ha ! Very handy ;)