I made this workstation with items that were found (or that magically appeared) at home. I estimate the cost to be about $100 (if you have broken or used items), and although most of the things I used were already mine, I did have to pay for a few such as the decorative paper and some of the tape (I spent less than $20 for everything). I probably added too much tape, but they were cheap I used less than a roll of each. I feel good about the feel of the cases when they're open, though, so I don't regret one strip of it. There was a lot of trial and error (mostly error because I forgot about the existence of rulers until I was pretty much done), but I'm satisfied with the overall result. It took me about a month to put together because I kept procrastinating, changing my mind, and forgetting things when I was at the store, but I probably put in closer to 3 days. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete the setup, and it takes up less than 3 feet of space when fully set up.

Step 1: Gather Tools and Supplies

I didn't add quantity or size for the screws because of the variety of sizes and materials of the speakers, and I didn't feel it would be relevant unless you used the same speakers as I did.


  • Safety glasses
  • dust mask
  • gloves

NOTE: At the very least, please use a light mask and safetly glasses. There will be wood and metal particles, and although they can be pretty to look at, they shouldn't go in your lungs or eyeballs.

Required Tools

  • Sanding tool (I used attachments for a dremel and multitool, and a craftsman mouse
  • a wood chisel (I used two, a 1/2" and a 1")
  • drill or screwdriver (I used both)
  • short or "stubby" hammer
  • cutting tools (I used attachments for a dremel and multi tool, and a small hand saw)
  • utility knife or other cutting blade
  • vise

Optional (trade tools)

  • picks
  • carving tools
  • prying tools
  • measuring tape
  • drill bits
  • 3rd hand with magnifying glass
  • heat gun
  • cordless soldering iron
  • small lamp or light rig
  • multimeter
  • assorted screws, nuts & bots, etc.
  • surge strip
  • magnets or velcro strips (in addition to those for covers)


  • lead pencil
  • wood glue or hot glue
  • 2 broken speakers or speaker boxes (big about 20", small as wide and deep as the large speaker)
  • handles for each speaker (I used a rolling backpack for the large one, and I found the small one at the dollar store)
  • thick and thin paper tape, duct tape, thick plastic tape (I used 20 mil PVC), clear tape (all from the dollar store except the 20 ml, this was from the hardware store)
  • decorative covering (I used 3 rolls of cabinet covers from the dollar store)
  • one large board or several small boards, depending on the amount of ports, sized to your speakers
  • four sets of straps or lashes and buckles, desired length (mine went all around but they don't have to if you mount them properly)
  • two 2" safety hasps
  • one 3" gate hook
  • 2 cabinet hinges
  • furniture feet
  • a roll or strips of velcro
  • small nails with large heads (or a gun stapler)
  • small screws with washers 3/4 the thickness of the small speaker's walls
  • adjustable legs (I used the feet from an old band hero drum set)
  • round plastic caps to mount the legs onto the speaker
  • 4 long nails or metal bars
  • fishing string (about 1 ft)
  • rolling backpack (you will only need the frame, not the actual bag)
  • spacers for the backpack handle
  • clear plastic sheeting (page holder, table cover, cabinet cover, shower curtain...)
<p>That's a true labor of love. Nice work!!</p>
Im currently not wearing sox because this project rocked them off. Great job!
<p>Thank you :)</p>
<p>Great job!</p>
Great concept, looking forward to the optional parts. Kudos for the upcycling.

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