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It's a lot of fun making knives. I read a bunch of instructables on knife making that were excellent and decided to make my own. The knife I made was from a super thick piece of steel that I had laying around. It has a mahogany handle and brass pins. Pretty simple. But this instructable is not about the knife. Here you'll see how I made a tooled sheath for it.

Step 1: Tools and material

Picture of Tools and material

I used quite a few tools made for leather working, but you can get away with a lot less.



-stitching awl

-leather stamping or carving tools

-non-metal mallet (never use a steel hammer on your tools)

-leather edger or beveler

-sand paper

-wing divider

-saddlery needles

-hole punch

-straight edge

-cutting board


-Vegetable tanned leather

-1 heavy duty snap

-2 rivets

-various leather dyes and/or paints


Newknifer3 months ago

Awesome work it looks amazing!

bakdrft1 year ago

Beautiful Work!

bakdrft1 year ago

Beautiful Work!

buiteafull work ?
bakdrft1 year ago

Nice Work, Sure beats learning how to STOP a 630' freighter!

I am so impressed with everything you do!! This is absolutely stunning.

calskin1 year ago

Beautiful knife! That is my favourite design. Very much like my Condor Bushlore.

What kind of steal did you use?

Phiske (author)  calskin1 year ago

Just used some junk steel I had lying around. It's my first knife and didn't spend a lot of time on it. Just wanted to see how it would turn out with the minimal tools that I have. Going buy some better steel from Admiral steel in Chicago to make some real blades. Made it in Ecuador.

savageeuge1 year ago

Nice knife, when are you going to do an instructable for one

Phiske (author)  savageeuge1 year ago

I made it after reading a bunch of ibles" and don't know if I could add to the knowledge. Thanks for the comment though!

bondogmom1 year ago

Well done!! Sharp smooth cuts and the colors go well with the design!

Phiske (author)  bondogmom1 year ago

Thanks for the look!

Where do you you buy your leather? I'm looking to get into leather working, but I don't really know where to get the leather from.
Phiske (author)  pittsburghtoaster1 year ago

Try to find a Tandy leather factory near you just to get your feet wet. There aren't a lot of brick and mortar leather stores around. Otherwise buy on-line. try Springfield leather company. Just use some basic tools you may have around the house at first then little by little you can buy some better tools.

traumatized looks awesome!!! sooo many tools!!

Phiske (author)  Captain MacTavish1 year ago

What guy doesn't like tools?

where did you get the leather and how muxh was it?

Mattrox1 year ago

I love it! The colors and shaping of the sheath are beautiful. I also love the knife it looks brilliant! Thanks for posting!

HollyMann1 year ago

Very nice job - it looks awesome!

Phiske (author)  HollyMann1 year ago

thanks Holly, Your tablet case looks great. Like the feather. Very lifelike

This is a fantastic piece. The knife is beatiful too. Did you make it also?

Phiske (author)  The Rambler1 year ago

Thanks! Yeah I made it a couple months ago. First knife. I hope to make more. We'll see what happens...

Wow, somehow I must have skipped right over the intro. I totally missed that you already said that.

Phiske (author)  The Rambler1 year ago

hah! no worries

Very nice work, I wish you luck in the leather working contest, you have a vote from me : )

That's really purty looking, but here's the problem...when you make yourself such a nice sheath, you end up not using it for fear of ruining it, or at least that's how I am. lol. Great work!

Jack Moran1 year ago

This is great! so going to make one for my crocodile dundee knife.

agoodguy1 year ago
Beautiful work but you should consider a metal insert or heavy wire stitching in the event you fall on it to prevent a puncture through the sheath and a resulting stab wound. I am sure the knife you made is very sharp as all knife makers and owners pride themselves on the sharpness! Nice job.
Phiske (author)  agoodguy1 year ago

Yeah... not gonna happen. This is tough saddle leather. There is no way it would poke through. I'd have to have a 20' fall to make that happen. So, I'm not worried about that. Thanks for the look!

What do u use the knife for. Survival, bushcraft, EDC???
Phiske (author)  Survivorkidjr1 year ago

Basically it's my camping knife. I keep it in my go bag.

billbillt1 year ago

Another very complete one...great job...double plus good.....

Phiske (author)  billbillt1 year ago

Thanks so much!

That is just beautiful work!

Phiske (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago

Thanks Penolopy!