Bucket Scraper and Scoop, Made from 5 Gallon Bucket

Picture of Bucket Scraper and Scoop, Made from 5 Gallon Bucket
Make tools that aren't sold in stores.  These are scrapers, scoops and mixers.

Get the last drop out of your bucket and minimize waste.  Extend the life of your favorite bucket by cleaning it instead of letting dried mortar ruin it.  Toss unused material into the trash and don't wash it into the yard where it leaves a big mess or kills the grass. Spend less time standing out in the cold hosing off buckets and mud pans.  Leave the scoops in your mud pan so it will be there whenever you decide to return... no rust!  Keep your mud free from lumps and crumbs by removing dried material from the sides of the bucket.

Make multiple tools and keep one in your paint box, one in the drywall box and one in the basement.  They are compact and FREE.  One bucket will make 6-8 tools. 

Coming soon, a paintbrush and roller cleaning tool.
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Step 1: Draw Vertical Lines

Picture of Draw Vertical Lines
Using a straight edge, draw vertical lines on your bucket.    Following the print makes it easier.

Step 2: Draw Horizontal Lines

Picture of Draw Horizontal Lines
Easy to freehand by following the print.  Cut out the shape with a saw.  (Maybe someday the bucket will come with the template already printed on the label.)

Step 3: Create Curved Edge

Picture of Create Curved Edge
Using the bottom of the bucket as a guide, mark out a curve on the edge of the rectangle. Sit on the bucket so it will pin the scraper flat to the ground.

The tool works best if the curve is on the flat edge rather than the concave edge. See how the scoop is at a right angle to the lettering?  You may prefer your edge on the concave.  It's a bit stronger that way when scooping, but less effective when scraping a dirty bucket or loading material into a drywall pan or into the trash. 

Step 4: Cut the Curve

Picture of Cut the Curve
Using tin snips or a saw, cut the curve.

Step 5: Smooth the Edges

Picture of Smooth the Edges
Using a bench grinder, a file or sandpaper, clean up your edges.