Tools Shadow Board




Introduction: Tools Shadow Board

As a DIY enthusiast, I have over the years managed to acquire a fair amount of tools so much so that it was getting to a point where it was getting chaotic to have them all on one flat shelf.

Therefore I decided to use my last weekend to make myself a tool shadow board. This is perhaps the simplest instructable I have made but I have to say in terms of utility the shadow board is extremely useful.

I had a piece of a 6 mm plywood board left over from some other job lying in one corner and I thought it best to make use of that. To give the tools a light background, I first had it painted white.

Step 1: Finishing Touches

The next step was to arrange the tools on the board to give me an idea about which tool will go where on the board. I meant to leave the extra gap after all the tools were arranged in one corner of the board for future additions.

With the tools roughly arranged in what was their designated place to be I had them outlined with a permanent ink marker pen. That done, I drilled adequate holes to screw in the screws on which the tools would be hung.

The last step was to neatly put up the tools one by one.

Voila! my shadow board was ready.

Now when I walk into my work area, I have to admit it is so much easier to pick and chose the tools I want. The best value addition that a shadow board brings to me is the ease with which I can spot a tool is unaccounted for at the end of the days work.



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That's a good way to organize it and be able to find everything. I wish we had that much wall space in our garage!

My work area is not in my garage. it's a small room on the first floor about 12 feet by 6 feet.