Tools & tips for the maker of electronics.
A function generator that looks like pro gear.
If you are in to audio this tip might help you in the gain section of your amp.
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If you need a nice chassis and enjoy working with metal sheets this thing teaches you the magic.
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Waveform generator and cool enclosure.
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A plexiglas case to show all your DIY skills.
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Oscilloscope How To, because everyone wants one.
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A nice tip for soldering sockets.
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A great tip to insulate those joints from a metal enclosure.
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Bend wire for stripboards like a boss.
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Cut tracks on a stripboard the easy way.
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A RF probe if you are in to HAM this might be cool to build.
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If you have a laser printer this is a great way to do labels.
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If you have a 3D printer this is a must do project.
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Clean wire in a safe way.
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Very useful if you don't want to have a bulky multimeter around your workbench.
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Nice and cheap way to do it.
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An on/off foot switch for power tools.
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Amazing way to organize stuff.
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Looks are always important.
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