Introduction: Tools_Wall_Mount

Hey all

Since i moved from my parents house to a house of my own , i wanted to create myself a convenient area to work on my projects.

So , i got my self a spare room , turned it into a work room including a PC , 2 screens, stereo speakers , and of course a Tools Stand with a table.

I hope you enjoy this project , i know i did ;)

Step 1: Locate the Place

Find you place you want to place the table and the tools

i found my self a nice niche between a wall and a closet.

Got my self a nice 5 cm wood table , mounted it with dark legs and placed it inside

Step 2: Start With the Attaching the Panels to the Walls

i went to a Woodshed to buy my self a nice pine plate ( each 1.2cm thick )

i installed it on the walls with a spacer between the plates and the wall ( the spacer thickness is about 1.5 cm ) - That way you can drill screws to the plate without having to worry about damaging the internal wall.

Step 3: Bracket Frame for LED

You must have an LED light for the tools stand to be awesome !

So i created a small bracket for the LED . You need to saw 3 pieces of pine wood logs , and attached them to the frame with screws

Step 4: Start Mounting the Tools #1

I started mounting the tools on the board using screws.

Started drilling each screw gently so i would not crack the board.

Step 5: Start Mounting the Tools #2


Step 6: Create a Power Outlet Strip

I did not had any power outlet near by , so i had to run a 10m cable ...


Drilled the table at it`s end , and ran the cable threw it

Step 7: Attache the Table to the Wall

I had to attache the table to the wall in order for it to be steady.

Since i would work on it a lot , and i would drill , saw , and use a hammer , the table must stay still

Step 8: Beer Brake

Must have a cold one


Step 9: Add an IPad

You must have an iPad

And if you already have one , use it to watch instructional videos, YouTube music , and of course the Instructables site


Step 10: Create Some Unique Sign

I wanted the area to be neat coo; ,so i bought a sofa from Ikea ,and a few extra shelves

Moreover i connected my working station + 2 screens. and all came out perfect

I decided to print a bunch of letters with a the next Quote " Design Create Inspire " , you need to cut each letter separately , and glue them on the wall ( it took forever ! )

The result is great !

Step 11: All Done!

Let me know what you think of

It was hard work , and took a few days of mounting and designing the whole concept

But i`m very happy with the result , finally i have a room @ my home , which i can express my thoughts and enjoy building them

Hope you enjoy this instructable , cause i know i did




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I'm both impressed and inspired after reading your instructable. Congrats on the result. I wish I can make my own soon, I've already located the place :)

thanks very much!
Appreciate your comment

upload the final result and send a link once all done

By far the best step was the beer break!!!! But only one? Looks amazing hard to believe all that work and one beer. ??


Sorry, actually I had 3 beers.. But you know, I don't want to give bad example to other people


Ahh, that does explain the spelling of break/brake :D

Attaché-attach ;p

Hey that was a great job. Congratulations! I appreciate your effort and imagination.


wow! your work is very clean. If you were in ((LIVING WITHOUT CLOSETS CONTEST)), you were one of the nominees.

Very Good!!!!!!