Tooth Cave


Introduction: Tooth Cave

Here are several steps to make a paper tooth cave by using 3D models imported from the google 3D warehouse

Step 1: Import a 3D Model of Teeth From the Google 3D Warehouse

After opening sketchUp, import a 3D model of teeth from the google 3D warehouse.

Explode the grouping. Except for one tooth that you want to use, erase other teeth and gums.

Save it as a 3ds file.

Step 2: Unfold the 3ds File With Pepakura

Open the saved file in Pepakura.

Click unfold button

Export the planar figure to a vector format

Step 3: Lasercutting

Open the vector file in Illustrator and edit the lines.

Laser cut the planar figure on a sheet of paper.

Step 4: Assembly

Assemble the laser cut paper in your own way.

Step 5: Result



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    Cool project. Thanks for sharing!