Tooth Rings





Introduction: Tooth Rings

Did I have to pull a few teeth to make these rings. Well... not exactly.

I was inspired by Melbournian artist Polly Van Der Glas. When I first saw her teeth rings they made me laugh. For me, the idea of using teeth on a ring brings up the question why do we value shiny rocks as gemstones? I think it boils down to the skill or the artist.

The fun challenge was how to push the capabilities of various clay recipes to imitate realistic looking teeth and faux metal rings? These rings are not for wearing, they are 3d sculptures for display. I'm really grateful for what's left of my precious gems.

I've included student's work from a class session about "Taking Care of Your Teeth".

Watch a quick run down movie tutorial here:



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    would this be considered biting in a fight,... first rule is no biting

    1 reply

    I thought the first rule was "don't talk about fight club"

    this looks like one of those things crazed serial killers would have, except with fake teeth, kinda like taking a lock of hair from each one of the victims. just creeps me out. but awesome idea!!

    One important thing!

    Don't forget to brush them twice a day