Tooth Paste Squeezer





Introduction: Tooth Paste Squeezer

in this instructable il show you how to make a tooth paste squeezer in very little time with very little money.

Step 1: All You Will Need

all you need is:

-2 small and thin elastics
-2 cotton swabs(i just edited this because cotton swabs are flexible so you can also use nails)

Step 2: Make the Toothpaste Squeezer

take the to cotton swabs (or nails) and put them together
Then Wrap the elastics around them.

Step 3: Put the Squeezer on the Toothpaste

now put the squeezer on the toothpaste and squeeze it up till it starts to go over the bump of toothpaste

and there you have it

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    Excellent - this gets my VOTE. I even made it - though I used a clothespin instead of nails or swabs. It really works great!

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    Yes! This clothespin version gives me really, really good ideas. Thank you! And as for all you saying that it's so much easier to use your hand or the back of a toothbrush, I think you have too much time on your hands. These 'silly' devices are useful to those of us who have to squeeze and run and worry about flattening later when we have a moment. And those of you saying you can just buy them at Walmart or Big Lots well, what are you doing on this website-- particularly this instructable? This is here to help people make useful stuff with things they have around their house. It's for people who don't like buying what they could make in the same time as it would take to go to the store-- and for people like me who don't have monies :(

    I didn't have any cotton swabs handy, so I used a long bobby pin and a rubber band. I put this on a tube of cat hairball remedy. The stuff is absurdly expensive, and I was frustrated at not being able to get the last bit out of the tube.

    Thank you so much for this excellent idea and for helping me save some money!

    Why not using "acoclips" (they're called so in my country. I dunno how they are called there)?


    I've always just used the handle of the toothbrush while having the toothpaste tube on a flat surface (countertop, tile wall, etc). Kind of squeegee the toothpaste towards the opening in the tube with the toothbrush handle.


    This is ridiculous..

    *Run in the bathroom to get his toothpaste tube*

    Now why didn't I think of that?! lol 5/5 Love it!

    It's just so great and so simple! Thank you!

    Hrm. I tried this, and all that happened was the Q-Tips bent to the shape of my tube.

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    ya i noticed that so i edited the instructable and changed it for nails

    Woow this is a great idea

    It is way cheaper than buying the pro. ones, but I like bruce miller and f5mando's better.

    or since i bought some professional ones at walmart i could just use them

    This is a great idea! Five Stars! *****

    i don't have small rubber bands, can i still use regular size rubber bands

    1 reply

    well, small rubber bands are more efficient but you could probably use normal ones. If you have latex rubber bands(the ones for braces)they would work well

    I don't know which is worse: the fact that people took the time to write 75+ comments debating the relative merits of this method, or the fact that I took the time to read them all. I have a solution for all of you: enter the 21st century. I don't know if you know this, but you can now buy toothpaste in tubes that stand up, and even small bottles that are very easy to squeeze. The things they think of nowadays!