Introduction: ToothPaste Squeezer!

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This is my project and it is a toothpaste squeezer. It is a really simple design and it is also easy to print on a 3D printer.

Step 1: ToothPaste Squeezer! Step 1-4

Picture of ToothPaste Squeezer! Step 1-4

(1) The first step is to open a new part on SolidWorks. 

(2) The second step is to create a rectangular sketch on the front plane (we will dimension this later).

(3) The third step is to dimension this rectangle to the given dimensions: h=0.5in w=1.25in

(4) The fourth step is to do an extruded boss/base feature on the rectangle. Extrude this piece to 1in.

Step 2: ToothPaste Squeezer! Step 5-10

Picture of ToothPaste Squeezer! Step 5-10

(5) The fifth step is make a sketch on the front face. Using this sketch, make an extruded cut. The dimensions for this rectangle are: h=0.35in w=0.75in.

(6) The sixth step is to add the finishing touches. this means that we will use fillets on the edges of the part. The fillet sizes can be changed to your liking.

(7) The seventh step is to save this part as Toothpaste.STL and print on your 3D printer!


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Bio: This is the real seamusmf and I have decided to change my name to this.
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