Here is four very useful used toothbrush hacks. Try it today ;)


Step 1: Manicure & Pedicure With Toothbrush!

Put some liquid soap on the toothbrush and and brush the nails. They will look better than ever, and healthy too.

Step 2: Cleaning Comb With Toothbrush!

Apply some liquid soap to the toothbrush and brush the teeth of comb, comb will become good as new. ;)

Step 3: Clean Taps With Toothbrush and Lemon!

Apply lemon juice on the tap, and brush it with a toothbrush. The tap will shine and look good as new!

Step 4: Clean Shoes With Toothbrush!

Apply some soap onto the toothbrush and brush the shoe, it will become cleaner than ever!

<p> Clean nooks and crannies on and around car engines and engine compartments with an engine degreaser If you heat the end of the handle and squash the softened plastic between a couple of scrapers this will give a spread out and tapered scraper shape. . Sand or file to a sharp clean edge and you have a surface friendly scraper for removing sticky labels etc or dried paint. Is less likely to scratch glass and plastics worktops etc .You can make different sizes. You can use both ends of the same brush Specially useful for suggestion No 1 Have fun</p>
<p>these are very old uses nothing new ;D</p>
<p>Just shared, what i know. Might be helpful for some ;)</p>
<p>This is where all of my old toothbrushes go: to tedious cleaning jobs. I use one in my laundry room to scrub out stains after they've had a while to soak with a stain remover. As a kid, I used them to scrub up my toys that I left in the mud to get dirt out of all of the nooks and crannies. </p><p>Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>:) Great.</p>
just make sure you don't brush your teeth with the same one!
<p>Yeah Correct :D, I'll mention that in the instructable, forgot.</p>
Good. Idea
<p>Thanks :)</p>

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