Introduction: Toothbrush Hanger

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Have you ever encounter this situation?

You stored your toothbrushes and anything in a cup or a mug...

Don't worry, here's the solution!

Step 1: The Items

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A few bottle caps

A silicone glue (or double sided tape, etc...)

Step 2: The Glue

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Put the glue (or double sided tape) on top of the bottle cap.

Make few of them, by the way.

Step 3: The Bathroom Wall

Picture of The Bathroom Wall

Place the glued caps on the wall.

Arrange the caps so there will be some gap between them.

Step 4: The Arrangement

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Place and arrange your toothbrushes and razor according to your preference.

Now, a part of your bathroom has been organized.

Let gets organized!


EgiK (author)2016-05-09


IbniH (author)EgiK2016-05-09

Thanks for commenting.

Desjen (author)2016-03-22

Love it. Doing it on the shower wall for razor and toothbrush!!

IbniH (author)Desjen2016-03-22

I'm so glad to hear...

Desjen (author)2016-03-22

Love it. Doing it on the shower wall for razor and toothbrush!!

aalfaro3 (author)2016-03-14

maybe use something else instead of ugly bottle caps?

IbniH (author)aalfaro32016-03-14

That's a very good idea, aalfaro3. Thanks.
I also thought it can be replaced by an attractive looking item e.g. button for the fixture or fill the cap's cavity with something nicer for a permanency.
IMO however, it's sad to say that some people just discard the caps in the dump, not to recycle or upcycle which is indeed ugly :(


aartoo made it! (author)2016-03-13


IbniH (author)aartoo2016-03-13

Thanks for replicating the project... ;D

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