The Toothbrush MachineĀ®: because knowing how to build something doesn't always mean you should.


The other week I built a toothbrush machine as a part of a pilot for a kids show about electronics. And because I love shitty robots and wanted an excuse to make one for myself. I posted it on Reddit and some people requested a tutorial on it so here we go.

Step 1: Get the Parts

  1. A robot arm from MeArm
  2. A skateboard helmet. I used this one but there are probably cheaper alternatives out there that work just as well
  3. An Arduino UNO
  4. A servo shield from SainSmart
  5. A toothbrush of your fancy

I had all the stuff laying around but I think the parts would come to about $140 all together.

<p>hahaha great! </p>
<p>i tried 40000000000 times cannot do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>This reminds me of an invention from Wallace and Grommet. :)</p>
<p>very very perfect job.</p>
<p>This is hilarious! Awesome idea!</p>
Or you could just use your hand&hellip; just saying
<p>BTW I Googled &quot;toothbrush helmet&quot; to see if it is possible to buy one of these since I was curious to see how much it costs, and there were tons of articles about you</p>
<p>Aaaaah don't understand why the GIF doesn't work for some. Added a video in the description so you can have 8 seconds of toothbrushing bliss.</p>
<p>Your dentist hates you now, It's fun for you to brush your teeth...</p>
<p>Hahaha! Too funny!</p>
<p>I just love that GIF. You and the helmet are one, in perfect synch. You should go on tour with that thing. Jimmy Fallon would love it. :-)</p>
<p>Simple, effective, and wonderfully "shitty" This blows my machine out of the water ;)</p>
<p>Hilarious! What a great way to excite kids about electronics.</p>
<p>Was the gif in the beginning not working? :( Here's a link: imgur.com/f9jiKwk</p>
Amazing, you should put mirrors on the helmet to.
Awesome!! What A great Idea!
<p>Kids should wear this all day, programmed to brush 3 times a day?</p>
<p>This is exactly how the MeArm should be used! Fun things to inspire people into learning more about code, electronics, robotics and STEAM. So impressed with this work. </p>
<p>So funny! I need to send this to my dentist. Maybe I can convince my kids to brush their teeth using this. </p><p>Modifying the brush holder so you can brush the molars could be very tricky... :) </p>

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