Kids just aren't huge fans of brushing their teeth. Not only are they not huge fans, they also are pretty bad at it. Teaching a young kid to brush their teeth is really hard. I created a little contraption that not only times them to make sure they brush for an entire two minutes, but also tells them what part of their mouth they should be brushing! Now kids can't claim they didn't know what to do, since the Toothbrush Instructor told them!

Step 1: Supplies

We'll make use of quite a few different grove sensors here for fast and easy prototyping. If you can, pick up the Arduino Grove Starter kit. It comes with a Grove base shield that is compatible with the LinkIT ONE, and tons of different sensors (and also the exact ones you need for this project!).

  • LinkIT ONE Board
  • Grove RGB LCD
  • Grove Button
  • Grove Arduino Base Shield
  • Grove Buzzer

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