Step 5: Puppet Assembly

Picture of Puppet Assembly
Obama_TTT_Toothless 031.JPG
Obama_TTT_Toothless 030.JPG
Obama_TTT_Toothless 034.JPG
Obama_TTT_Toothless 036.JPG
Obama_TTT_Toothless 042.JPG
Obama_TTT_Toothless 043.JPG
Obama_TTT_Toothless 047.JPG
Obama_TTT_Toothless 049.JPG
Obama_TTT_Toothless 052.JPG
Obama_TTT_Toothless 057.JPG
Obama_TTT_Toothless 066.JPG
The cutting and assemble process was pretty straight forward, just time consuming. The shapes determined from the puppet plan were drawn out to full scale on the back side of the puppet fabric and cut out. The ensure pieces that had to go together were near identical, the first shape cut out was used to trace out the other pieces.

While things like the feet and body were rather simple, connecting the internal puppet to the body and head was a little tricky. To disguise the internal puppet (made of white felt), the pockets (where the operators fingers go) had to be made of the dragon skin pleather, as did the parts that attached to the upper and lower halves of the head to the internal puppet. The internal puppet sleeve attached to the body at a slit in the belly. The making of the internal puppet can be seen in the images below.

The tail was given some internal structure using strands of nylon wire glued to one side of the fabric. 

Here is the total piece count:
- Legs x 8 (4 legs with mirrored tops a bottoms, the same pieces was used as a trace of all by flipping it over between top and bottom halves)
- Tail x 2
- Body x 2
- Head x 4 (same shape for upper and lower halves of the head. In hindsight the lower half should have been much smaller)
- Internal puppet sleeve x 2
- Internal puppet finger pouch x 2
- Internal puppet cover fabric and head mounting material x 2 
- Ears x 4

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