This is a simple hack but it solves the irritating problem of getting the toothpaste at the business end of the tube and it costs nothing or next to nothing.  The steps are:
  1. Get a clothespin and disassemble it from the spring
  2. Turn the parts so that the flat ends meet
  3. Find a bolt and wingnut and a washer
  4. Drill thru the thick end of the clothespin
  5. Assemble as shown.
  6. Slightly loosen the wingnut to slide the contraption over the end of the toothpaste tube.
  7. Put a rubber band in a figure 8 around the ends of the clothespin
  8. Move the device up to force toothpaste to the top.
<p>Nice hack! Simple and inexpensive; what more could you ask for! 8-)</p>

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