Toothpaste Frost





Introduction: Toothpaste Frost

Learn to make toothpaste frost



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    Once I was a ghost for Halloween. My first idea was to cover myself in toothpaste and wear white clothes. It didn't work very well.

    Once I was being really dumb, my friend videotaped me on my phone, and I was screaming "Toothpaste!!!" and I took a tube of vanilla toothpaste and I just quirt it in my mouth.

    so where's the instructible? i just see a revenue stream for you....

    Hm. Nice. Looks a little bit messy though.

    Nice work. We'll need to give this a try with the kids.

    oh, ok :-D. you made a nice 'frost' with a nice scent to it! Also it disinfects, and its EASY to take off :-)