Toothpaste Meets Soap!




Introduction: Toothpaste Meets Soap!

first off you need to have these things

sorry about the bad pictures

i hope you like it as it is my first instructable

Step 1: First Off

this part is when you pour some liquid soap into the empty tooth paste tube

dont use too much soap

Step 2: Finsh Off (wow That Was Quick)

to finsh off just leave the toothpaste tube by the side off the sink then watch as a family member/friend splat lots of soap all over their
toothbrush and brush their teeth with it!

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    This could be dangerous.

    naw it's not dangerous. However, only use body wash and only put a little bit on

    Sorry, my sister still hasnt learnt to use the "reply" buttun yet.

    Can you get a camera and photograph this?


    Sorry, my sister still hasnt learned how to use the "reply" buttun

    Don't be mean. This is my first instructable.
    And this is how to spell button

    Being able to use the site is more important than a few spelling mistakes caused by a tiny keyboard

    Yeah sure I'll try