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The objective of this project was to build a bridge using nothing but school glue and toothpicks. Our teacher have us credit for just simply building a bridge but gave us extra points for every pound it held with the maximum being 30 pounds. 

Step 1:

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First thing you would have to do is figure out which bridge design you want to go with for the main part. I decided to go with the Warren (with verticals) design but you should choose one that would be easiest for you or the one you think would hold up the best. I used this paper as reference of the different types of bridges I could build. The one I chose to build is in the third row third column. 

how any toothpicks are in the bridge and how long is it?

Thanks for the instructable! This is pretty awesome!

These were great tips on toothpick bridges. This really helped get an idea on how to build a bridge on toothpicks. Thank You.

soward NathanielN3 months ago

we are doing that in right now in 6th grade

AryannaC8 months ago

this looks really hard but it looks fun

ScottW49 months ago

How many toothpicks did you use to make this birdge? Also, how long is the bridge?