Toothpick Shooter





Introduction: Toothpick Shooter

This instructable will show you how to make a toothpick shooter out of common household items. It should take around 15 minutes to complete it.

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable you will need:

-Plastic Bottle Cap (I used a propel bodel cap)
-Rubber Band
- 2 Round Tooth Picks

Step 2: Tools

For this I used a 

-Battery Powered Drill
- 3 Different sized drill bits ( The smallest one for the pre-hole, the next one should be the size of the toothpick, and the biggest one should allow the toothpick to slide through the hole easily)
- Vice (optional, but helpful)
- Scissor 

Step 3: Drill Stationary Toothpick Holes

These holes will be the size of the toothpick allowing the toothpick to stay in the bottle cap without slipping out. Read the image captions for more info

Step 4: Drilling the Big Holes

Now you want to drill the holes that allow the tooth pick to slide through very easily. 

Step 5: Cut Toothpick to Size

Using a scissor cut the tooth pick's point off.

Step 6: Insert Toothpicks Into Cap

Insert the toothpicks into the bottle cap as in the picture below

Step 7: Add the Rubber Band

Put on the rubber band so the toothpick can be shot. Look at the picture below for a guide.



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    Nice I know how to make it

    Hey I have also made It before.I wanna give it in instructables.

    How to cut a toothpick? Please answer.

    um good idea would this be cosidered a spy weapon or a ninja weapon