This is a simple toothpick shooter you can make. You probably have everything you need in your house. If you do it right, it can shoot about 20 meters.

Step 1: Gather Materials

As I said, most of the materials and tools you probably already have. I found that a hand pump is better than a foot pump, but I couldn't find the hand hand pump that I used to use.

1. pump
2. index card
3. toothpick

1. scissors
best thing is that u change the whole model in a spud gun u can see my project to get some idea <br>
nice but it should be portable
Just get a smaller pump, did it work for you?
thnxx for the idea u can a air pressured camber also
you can also use some spray paint or mini gas tank or stuff like that. be careful if you use gas though, use it in a well ventilated space and try not to set anything on fire.

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