Picture of Toothpick Shooter
In this Instructable I will show you how to make a toothpick shooter...
yes, I did not invent this... but, I modified it so it is simpler for you out there to make it

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Step 1: Things you need:

Picture of Things you need:
1) Razor knife
2) Tape (any kind)
3) Clothespin

Step 2: Preparations

Picture of Preparations
Bild 005.jpg
Bild 007.jpg
Bild 006.jpg
Bild 009.jpg
Bild 019.jpg
Start off by splitting the clothespin and marking it as shown

Then cut out your marks with the Razor knife, but only one should have the jack

Step 3: More preparations

Picture of More preparations
Bild 018.jpg
now create a corner right about where im showing in the pic

Step 4: Creating the barrel

Picture of Creating the barrel
Bild 012.jpg
Bild 010.jpg
Bild 015.jpg
Bild 013.jpg
now create the barrel... i guess that you understand what you should do from the pics

Step 5: Get it together!

Picture of Get it together!
Bild 021.jpg
Bild 022.jpg
Bild 023.jpg
now tape it all together!!

Step 6: Adding the spring

Picture of Adding the spring
Bild 027.jpg
Bild 026.jpg
now just slide the spring on and youre almost set

Step 7: Fire!

Picture of Fire!
Bild 028.jpg
Bild 029.jpg
Bild 030.jpg
Bild 033.jpg
Bild 032.jpg
Cut one end from a toothpick - Tada! Ammo!

Pusth the flat end into the barrel, until the spring snaps into the notch.

Happy Shooting!

// Coolis50

cool! you got this from "mini weapons of mass destruction". i have that book, it's worth looking into for anyone who likes to make easy catapults and the like from household items.
i tried making mine and the clothes pins kept splitting for some reason so i used superglue to reinforce it
Imu092 years ago
Cool, Iv'e got to try this!
coolis50 (author)  Imu092 years ago
Please do! Let me know how it goes!
Imu09 coolis502 years ago
Great! I was surprised by the power of this thing. Favourited and 5*
Imu09 Imu092 years ago
Aaaw sh*tt, I lost mine.
coolis50 (author)  Imu092 years ago
Make another one ;)
FrozenIce4 years ago
Thanks a ton it is a genious idea
coolis50 (author)  FrozenIce4 years ago
You're welcome!
GillesM955 years ago
 How do i do this ? i cant even get the spring open 1 mm !
coolis50 (author)  GillesM954 years ago
use the force, or a screwdriver...
5120035 years ago
hamby405 years ago
VERY good desing but here is a tip: make the firing hole bigger and it shootes better!
fun. if you use the flat toothpicks, you can shoot 2 at a time lol.
bigfootduck6 years ago
NICE DESIGN!! very easy to load and very easy to shoot! it also has lots of power!
should the toothpick be loose inside the barrel?
coolis50 (author)  somecreativename146 years ago
kinda... but just a bit
kevindion6 years ago
got to make one
great idea! this took me a little longer than 5mins, but it works great.
very cool litte unit! not sure if I should show my kids how I made it or not! making another one for a friend of mine for his birthday - he's gonna love it!
sweet, I need to make one of these. Favorited and 5*
MacSoap. To shoot it I'm guessing all you have to do is press down on the top of the spring until it comes out of the slot it's in.

toddwfo6 years ago
I made one kinda like this to shoot strike anywhere matches, way back in the day before the Al Gore invented the internet.... turn the match to the spring clip and you get a fire gun,Don't try this at a gas station!
ubr.bzkr6 years ago
This is cool. The first time I shot mine I was very impressed by its power. I hit a wall and I found the toothpick five feet behind me. nice job.
toothpick launcher.jpg
coolis50 (author)  ubr.bzkr6 years ago
Glad u liked it!!!
coolis50 (author) 6 years ago
I am really sorry for not-answering but ive been ona trip... BUT NOW IM BACK!!!
anonomas296 years ago
how far does it shoot
mictain6666 years ago
very ingenious, nice instructable =]
MacSoap6 years ago
good but, how do you fire it?