This is my creation made from as many multicolored
yarns that I could find in my stash. I used the color Aran inbetween rows.
What a cool way to use up leftover yarn!
Very nice.
Hi- I love how this turned out! Can you tell me what pattern/stitch you used?
robingale:<br/>Thank you so much. It's my own pattern. See it posted on my blog.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://madcrochetingfool1.blogspot.com">http://madcrochetingfool1.blogspot.com</a><br/><br/>Linda <br/>alas Crochetingfool, Yetieddy<br/><br/>
Great pattern and I like that you brought so many different colors into one afghan. Very Nice :-)
I second the request for a pattern. I love this afghan!
I think I saw this on Crochetville, too--it looks awesome!!. Love the colors!!!
Another great Slideshow yetieddy! Looks great, I like all the colors mixed up. :-)
That looks great! What a fabulous way to clean up. ;) I'm inspired.

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