Top 10 Awesome Things You Can Do With Household Objects / Kinder Surprise Eggs for Home & Kitchen.

1. A bag sealer
2.A phone stand (with 2 eggs)

3.A toothpick stand

4.A (semi) waterproof maches case

5.A salt/pepper dispenser

6.A toothbrush case

7.An earphone case

8.A piggy bank

9.A sharpener with build in bin

10.A nice dessert

<p>1. A bag sealer</p><p>2.A phone stand (with 2 eggs)</p><p>3.A toothpick stand</p><p>4.A (semi) waterproof maches case</p><p>5.A salt/pepper dispenser</p><p>6.A toothbrush case</p><p>7.An earphone case</p><p>8.A piggy bank</p><p>9.A sharpener with build in bin</p><p>10.A nice dessert</p><p>some<br> pictures taken from your video and this instructable would have been <br>great... but instead we only got a link to a youtube video :(</p>
ronanry, Thank you :)

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